First Aid Supplies

Medical kits
Prepackaged kits can be more expencive than a DIY First-Aid Kit

buy a premade kit
make your own
Build Your Own First-Aid Kit

variety of components
First Aid Kit organization
What injuries will this kit treat
packaging that falls apart
Evaluate your household
treating minor issues
Managing aches and pains

first aid kit where there is likely to be an emergency

Antiseptics (kill germs, prevent infection)
Injury treatment (butterlfy closures, cold compresses)
Bandages (to dress a variety of wounds)
Instruments (tweezers, gloves)
Medicines (analgesics)

Group size
Trip length/distance
Trip activity
Baby’s First-Aid Kit
Trip risks

Special needs
prescription meds
list of your family members’ unique first aid needs with your kit

Video reviews we make featuring First Aid Kits, Trauma Kits and other 1st aid gear. Reviews, How-to, Q&A and more. Let us know what you’d like to see

How many kits should you get?

  • Individual kit
  • Big kit for your group
  • Multiple kits: dayhiking, backpacking, cycling

Medical consent forms
Medical history information for each member
Emergency phone numbers

First-Aid Kit Instructions

  • Reference materials
  • Quick-reference guide
  • Comprehensive booklet
  • How to administer first aid
  • wilderness first-aid books.
  • guides
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